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Jubilee Mission SHS has joined in a professional partnership with an international education charity, Partners in Excellence (PiXL).

PiXL only collaborate where invited; they have partner schools in Brazil, Jamaica, India, South Africa, Tanzania, and pilot projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia.

Jubilee Mission SHS is the first school in Ashanti Akim, in Ghana, and indeed in West Africa, to become a PiXL partner school.

A better future, a brighter hope

PiXL works in partnership with education colleagues overseas to learn each country’s education systems, expectations and syllabuses, using this shared understanding to broaden teacher strategies to address underachievement and raise performance in final exams. The aim is to eliminate failure, to bring young people hope for a brighter future through opening more doors for progression to university, vocational and technical training, and to more secure employment prospects.

It is a true privilege to work and learn alongside our friends in Jubilee in Dampong, the village at the centre of AACO’s 15-year old free SHS programme. PiXL International understand the importance of the continued success of the project, and are honoured to have been invited to walk with our colleagues to support continuous school improvement.

Jubilee kindly hosted PiXL International Conferences in October 2019 and February 2020, where the UK  Director of PiXL International joined the Ghana lead in leading workshop training with AACO’s Jubilee teaching staff, and colleagues from all SHS schools across Ashanti Akim South. Bespoke resources specifically addressing the WASSCE examination demands were shared electronically with all delegates, and performance data and school outcomes shared and analysed, to identify pathways to improvement. Regular electronic communications are keeping the project alive in the time of COVID-19, until such time that international travel again becalmed safe and permitted.

In the meantime, our friends in Jubilee, all Ashanti Akim South SHS school staff and students, and colleagues in the Education Offices remain constantly in our thoughts.

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