Student Accommodation

Many DJMSHS students travel for miles to get to school and work daily on their parents farms.  This can be costly and prevent them from dedicating a sufficient amount of time to their study. For these reasons, AACO aims to provide on-campus accommodation for those students most in need. Plans, which can be seen below, have already been drawn by a London-based architect  and meetings have taken place with a quantity surveyor.  Both of these individuals have given generously of their time to provide accurate professional drawings and estimates of the materials needed for the first hostel building.  

The next phase of the work is to obtain local prices for the materials and begin raising the funds to complete the building process.  In an effort to develop the site in the most sustainable way possible, each of the hostel buildings will be built using earth-block construction, which is a locally developed process of creating bricks from a mix of soil, mud, and cement.  Each building will also include a rain-water harvesting system that allows rain-water to be collecting from the roof and stored. If you are interested in getting involved in the project through building or fundraising, please: