BDP and Site Masterplan

In the summer of 2015, the 1000 strong international, multi-disciplined building design practice known as ‘Building Design Partnership’ (BDP), became involved in assisting the development of AACO’s vision for the Jubilee High School site in Dampong, Ghana.

Following a ‘chance’ meeting at a Christian Leadership Conference, between Akosua Arkhurst (leader of AACO), and Robert Spittle (Former BDP Practice Principal and Chairman of the Engineering Profession),  a large team of BDP volunteers were formed under Robert’s leadership, from the design Professions of Masterplanning, Community Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure, Public Health Engineering and Sustainability.

Working with Akosua and AACO, a Masterplan was developed for the 32 acre educational site in Dampong with a future potential for supporting approximately 600 students and teachers, together with a range of community and sports buildings. Consultations were carried out with the local people in Dampong and the resulting final masterplan document was completed in January 2018. The Masterplan explores the full development potential for the site and illustrates the realisation of AACO’s vision in it’s built form.

The three images to the right are extracted from the Masterplan Document and show the zoning principles for the different building types, the completed site plan, and an illustrative sketch of what the fully built out masterplan of the future may look like.   The Masterplan is a snapshot in time, and will evolve, but it illustrates how the AACO vision can be realised in building/site terms.